Warming Products

Toe- and Foot Warmer

Cold Feet? No way! Just try out our incredibly good Foot and Toe Warmers!

Hand Warmer

Warm hands - wherever you go, whatever you do. Up to 7 hrs.

Body Warmer

A big variety of body warmers! Back, Shoulder, Belly, Knee, Eyes.. Here you find the perfect warmer for your needs.

Insole Warmers

Incredibly powerful Insole Warmers keep your feet warm

Shipping Warmer

A variety of powerful warmers for all purposes - up to 72hrs of heat

Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles to snuggle up to

Warming apparel

Gloves, Scarfs and Vests specifically designed to use with HeatPaxx Warmers!

Wheat Bags

Comfortable companions whenever you feel cold at home.


Heat Wraps and Bandages for sore body parts like Lower Back, Neck and Joints

Hot Compresses and Hot Gel

Heat Therapy with Gel and Gel Packs


Setboxes - gifts and tryout packs

Special Offers

Specials and hot deals.

Top offers