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Heat Wraps and Back Warmer provide relaxing warmth for sore and aching back and tummy regions

Do you work a lot at your and are constantly suffering from tension and burning shoulders? Then we might have exactly the right thing for you: Back Warmers from HPXmed. They offer universal application options in the entire back area might support you with comfortable heat. The heat patch can also be used by people with intervertebral disc problems (cervical and lumbar spine) to relieve the symptoms - simply attach it to your clothing and enjoy the soothing warmth.

Heat is effective against back pain

Whether construction workers, drivers or office workers - those who regularly suffer from back pain and tension are significantly affected in everyday life. If you want to effectively relieve the pain and feel good again, our HPXmed back warmers are a good choice. The heating patches are small and compact and do not take up much space. In addition, the affected problem areas are heated in a direct way. After activation, the heat patch for your back and shoulders provides you with pleasant warmth for up to eight hours, exactly where you need it.

Functionality and application

The HPXmed back warmer is easy to use. No extensive training or description is necessary to get the heating patch to work. Simply open the packaging and remove the warming patch - when it comes into contact with oxygen, it begins to heat up. No further steps are necessary and the heating patch can be placed directly at its place of use.

Our HPXmed back warmers have a special adhesive layer so that they can be used optimally in the effective area. Thanks to their four active heat cells, the heat inserts can actively release an average temperature of 55 to 68 ° C in the back and shoulder area for up to eight hours. Their extremely thin design enables discreet use at any time.

Simply stick the back warmer to the bottom layer of clothing - thanks to the adhesive coating on the back of the shoulder warmer, it sticks to the clothing in a non-slip manner and warms where the heat is needed. The heating principle is based on the natural and harmless process of oxidation of iron powder. Just try out the HPXmed warming plaster for your back and shoulders yourself - you are guaranteed to be delighted.

This is what we offer you and your health

Heatpaxx®, the new and innovative way of being comfortably kept warm, can be used flexibly anywhere. Whether at work, during sports, in leisure time or just at home, whether foot warmers, hand warmers, back warmers, warming belts, warming scarves or warming vests - Heatpaxx is your constant and reliable companion when it comes to warmth. Even when traveling, the warming patches and warming bandages offer an excellent alternative when specific body regions are dependent on warmth. For example, you can actively warm your aching knee with the HPXmed knee supports.

All advantages for you at a glance:

- Small and handy - always on the go without taking up space
- Fast warming - after contact with oxygen, the warming patch warms up directly
- Large and flexible product range for every area of ??application
- Long heat duration of up to eight hours
- Special holder devices ensure precise placement
- Top price-performance ratio
- can have a beneficial effect on back pain

High quality cooling products on

In the online shop at we not only offer back warmers and other warming products - we also have cooling products such as cooling plasters, cold compresses, cooling vests, cooling summer soles and other cooling accessories on offer for you.

Take your time to look around our website and discover our extensive range of high-quality heating and cooling products. We are of course happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Simply contact us by phone at 038304-829102 or using the contact form on our website.