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HeatPaxx Foot Insole Warmers keep your feet always warm

Cold feet can be quite annoying in winter time. Especially for those who need to spent a lot of time outside may it be for work or hobby. In general women seem to be more likely affected by the issue of cold feet but men also complain quite over cold feet over and over again.

Cold feet also have the capability of limiting the quality of daily life, especially when already wearing seemingly warm boots and several layers of thick socks. However, HeatPaxx Foot Insole Warmers are an optimal accessiore to keep your feet comfortably warm, even when the temperatures drop way below the freezing point. These HeatPaxx Insole Warmers have proven themselves over many many years and are available at a very reasonable price. Handling is very easy: Just slip them in your shoe like an very thin insole. Heat generation starts as soon as you open the package and lasts for many hours. You can order these wonderful warmers directly here at in various pack sizes.

100% Natural Heat

HeatPaxx Insole Warmers generate heat in a natural process: the insole contains water, activated carbon, salt, vermiculite and iron powder. As soon as the warmer is taken out its outer bag it starts reacting with the air's oxygen and heat is generated. The iron powder is simply corroding and this process creates heat. This corrosion of iron powder is all natural and safe for the user and the environment.

At least 5hrs of heat

After the package is opened heat is generated for at least 5 hours. The average temperature is 35°C with a maximum of 39°C. The very thin designed insoles fit in nearly any shoe or boot and are hardly noticeable when wearing. After using the warmer they can safely be disposed in your regular

Satisfied customers around the globe

Many thousand clients trust in HeatPaxx insole warmers - which are shipped around the globe. The company Heatpaxx OHG has been a leading expert in the field of insole warmers for many years. Their engineers take care that our quality guidelines are strictly enforced and make our clients happy and satisfied.

Ordering your insole warmers is very easy

If your are suffering from cold feet then it is about time you try out our insole warmers and regain the quality of life you deserve. At you can find different pack sizes of insole warmers at a very good price. Try them now.