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Cool pads, cool patches, cooling caps, cooling wristband and much more - our cooling aaccessoires.

Meet our cooling accessoires product line.

Our cooling products use two different cooling mechanisms. Whilst the cooling wristband, bandana & necktie use the evaporative cooling effect, the HXPfresh cooling pad  uses the physical effect of phase change.

Common to both mechanisms is, that you do not need any source of electical power. Also a pre-cooling is not necessary.

The HPXfresh cooling wristband is available in 3 sizes, where the largest size XXL is big enough to apply it to your leg / ankle as well. The cooling necktie cools down your main blood vessels limiting the heat stress your body might experience on hot days. Combined with a cooling vests these accessoires support you at your work, whilst doing your sports & recreational activities and most importantly also when suffering from heat sensitive medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

The HPXfresh and Aquacoolkeeper chair cooler are based on different cooling mechanisms, however, both make you feel more comfortable in your office chair or your car seat. These cooling pads can also be used on the beach or wherever you need a mobile cooling device.