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Hand Warmers keep your Hands warm on these cold Winter Days

Always cold and freezing hands? You definitely need a HeatPaxx Hand Warmer. The warmth duration of these little hand warmers is 7 hours!
You may still associate hand warmers with these gel warmers with the metal plate in it. These warmers often activated accidentally and generate extremely high temperatures for just a short ammount of time. HeatPaxx hand warmers are truely innovative and just serve one purpuse: keep your hands warm whenever you need it!
HeatPaxx Hand and Pocket Warmers are small, lightweight and very easy to use as they are just activated by taking them out of the outter package and exposing them to air.The good thing is that there are absolutely no harmful substances in HeatPaxx warmers: just salt, iron powder, salt and carbon. That makes HeatPaxx your ideal warmer for every purpose - try them yourself..