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At you can find an attractive variety of personal warming and cooling products, such as toe warmers, foot insole warmers, hand warmers, heat patches as well as evaporative cooling vests and wrist bands.So you do not need to freeze when you are outside in the stadium or at the christmas market in the winter time.


In summer time on the other hand our cooling products keep your body at a comfortable temperature, supporting it against excessive heat. Using our products is really easy: No batteries, no cables, no pre-freezing or heating. Just using natural processes like oxidation or evaporation our products support your body in a smart and natural way.

Personal Warming Products for many purposes - discover them at 

Our warming products like heat patches, foot insole warmers and toe warmers are unique in its heat development process.
Just open the warmer package, for example the heat patch, and take out the warmer. By opening the package the ingredients such as activated carbon, salt, water and iron powder react with the air's oxygen and heat is generated in an all natural way.

One warmer - many hours of comfortable warmth

The specific ammount and mixture of the individual ingedients of the warmer the natural heat generation process is regulated. So no matter whether you are using the foot insole warmer in your ski boot, the hand warmer in your glove or the heat wrap under your sweater, the warmer's temperature is just at a optimal level with a a maximum duration time.

Warmers for temperature sensitive animals, plants and technical parts

Besides our heat patches, toe warmers and insole warmers we also offer specific warmers for your logistic purposes.
HeatPaxx is a leading expert for such so called "Aquapack" warmers and offers the HeatPack M (40 hours) and the HeatPack XL (72 hours) warmers to meet most of your logistic requirements.

Shipping and Payment methods

We ship our heat patches, toe warmers and insole warmers with DHL or DPD, offering free shipping within Germany if your order volume is 50€ and more. You can chose your favourite payment method from: PayPal, Credit Card, Invoice or PrePayment.