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HeatPack M & XL - the powerful multiwarmer with up to 72hrs of heat

Heatpacks also known as Aquapacks are innovative products when it comes to a safe and animal friendly transport of  small animals. Especially when shipping animals it is extremely important to not expose them to low temperatures.

On cold days Heatpacks such as the HeatPack M and the HeatPack XL with duration times of 40 and 72 hours are an optimal solution for your shipping tasks. The HeatPack M and XL provide a reliable heat source within your insulated transport box and keep your animals healthy and alive. Also the shipment of temperature sensitive plants require a heat source to prevent them from damage.

The safe transport of medicine, chemicals and electronical equipment is also a challenge during the winter time which may be met with a durable and independant heat source. Batteries of electronical devices can extend their capacity if kept warm.

Whilst the range of application is broad, the application is very easy: The HeatPack M or XL is always ready to use, just open the package and shortly after the warmer gets in contact with the air's oxygen the heat generation starts. Use 1 or more HeatPacks in each transport box to ensure the right amount of heat is generated.

In our Online Shop you can buy the Aquapacks or HeatPacks with a 40 or 72 hour duration in different pack sizes. We ship world wide. If you are a national or international wholesaler you can of course contact us for larger order quantities.