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Evaporative cooling vests - efficient and affordable!

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Useful accessoires like cooling wristbands, cooling bandanas or cooling scarfs. Take a look!

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Refresh yourself in the summer time with HeatPaxx fresh cooling patches. Useful also when suffering from headache, migraine oder moskito bites.

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Instant Cold Compresses, Ice Packs & Cold Packs

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Summer Insoles - Keep your feet fresh

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Cooling Accessoires for Dogs and other Pets.

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Evaporating cooling vests, wrist cooler, cooling scarfs, cooling caps and many other cooling accessories for these hot summer days.
We have a mission: We want to provide you with the most reliable personal cooling products such as cooling vests at an outstanding price. In the beginning the focus was on therapeutical issues to help people affected by multiple sclerosis who often need our products on a daily basis. Thus it was important to us, to offer our products at a very competitive and resonable price.
Recently also the issue of work safety gained more and more attention to reduce accidents caused by heat fatigue. Several scientific studies were published addressing this issue.
Our cooling products use the natural process of evaporative cooling. They do not require heavy batteries, fans or pre frozen ice packs - they just work with normal water which are added to the vest. Soak them in water, let them dry on the surface and the are ready to use for several days - easy!
Enjoy browsing through our variety of products - you even find cooling products for your feet and for your pets.
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