Cooling Products

At you will find Cooling Vests, Cooling Wristbands, Cooling Hats, Cooling Bandanas, Cooling Neckties and many other helpful cooling accessories for these hot summer days.
It is our mission to provide our customers with reliable and affordable cooling vests and cooling accessories. Many people rely on our HPX-fresh cooling products on a daily basis for therapeutic purposes, such as dealing with multiple sclerosis. Therefore it is of high importance to us, to offer these products to you at a fair price. In contrast to heavy and electricity dependant fan-based vests our vests are based on the effect of evaporative cooling. No batteries, cooling packs or electronic devices are required. HPX-fresh cooling products just need water to activate, which is the main advantage of HPX-fresh products in applications such as work safety, sports or personal health care. Incredibly easy - incredibly efficient.